Blob Video Downloader

Download Videos From Facebook

What is Blob Video Downloader?
Blob Video downloader is a chrome extension to allow all the Facebook users free to download all blob and Video Comments. This is the latest tool which has resolved all issues about the downloading of the Facebook Comment videos and Video Posts. Most of the time people are conscious about their privacy and they want to keep their secrets hide. So, they search for the tools that can keep all the points on their checklist. We kept all these points in the mind and launched this downloading tool. You can find each detail about this tool on our main page.

Why use it?
Blob video downloader is a useful and fast tool which can be assessed online to download the blob videos and Video Comments from Facebook. it is designed by the Developers to download the Video comments and blob videos and even the video posts without paying a single cent. The best feature of this chrome extension is to make you feel free in downloading any kind of Facebook video without any problem. This extension is equally useful to use it on your personal computer , no installation files or windows setup needed.

How to add this chrome extension? Search for BVD (Blob video downloader) extension in chrome web store, then click on it Press Add to Chrome button on the right

You will get a notification by chrome, press Add Extension

After press Add Extension it will show Blob Video Downloader has been added to Chrome

Then, restart your Chrome browser
You will see a new BVD extension in your Chrome browser

How to Use it?
1. After the addition of BVD extension. Go to your Facebook page
2. Whenever you will play a video, the Download button will automatically appear on your screen over top right of the video

3. Just click the download button and it will redirect you to to download the video, just press right click on Download Button then Save link as to your download location

Is Blob Video Downloader safe?
This is the main concern of almost every person who uses any of the downloader software. This extension is 100% secure. We do not copy or store your any downloaded videos or user information . So please feel free to use it.

Frequently asked questions?

Do you save personal data?
No, we have no concern with your personal data. We just help you out to download the Facebook post videos or comments videos. We are more concerned to provide you the safe option to download your desired videos.

How can I download the videos from Facebook?
You just need to add the Blob video downloader extension to your chrome browser and whenever you see any video on the Facebook then a download option box will automatically appear on your screen. Just click that option and get your desired video.

Is this extension free?
Yes, this extension is absolutely free to use. There is no issue of any membership or anything else. This is made for your easiness and we now that everyone can’t afford to pay a high cost. So this is best to use for everyone.

Does this extension work well on all Computer devices?
Yes, this extension works well on all devices either you are using a Laptop or Personal Computer. So just download it and enjoy the time.

Privacy Policy
The most concerned point of any page when you do a pact to use it. Let me clear you about this.

Do we collect your personal data?
It is clear that we do not collect any kind of personal data. Some people think that if they are downloading the private videos there can be chances of data leakage. But, do not worry at all about this issue. We assure you that we have no concern with your personal data.

How do manage to download videos?
All we do is to Copy the link of Facebook video and then redirect the link to the download option through your chrome browser. You urls link and every other thing is processed by the Facebook servers.

Is there any third party link?
No, our website is new and we have no links to any third party yet. You may see the other services or products links after some time. But do not to do this.

Is there any chance of privacy policy change?
You are seeing the latest updates about our privacy policy. If there will be anything to change, we will first inform you by posting on our main page. We are also planning for the addition of more useful features soon. So stay updated then you will find the everything of your interest soon.